Garage Door Repair in Brisbane

Is Preventive Maintenance Essential for Your Garage Door?

If you had recently installed a new garage door system, then you will wish to schedule routine maintenance to make sure that all the important parts are running appropriately & your overhead door remains in great condition for years to come. Mentioned below in this article is a summary why preventative garage door maintenance is absolutely vital as far as the health and functionalities of your garage door are concerned.

Is preventative garage door maintenance is really vital?

Yes, absolutely essential! Preventative upkeep decreases or eradicates the requirement for expensive repairs that may happen at some stage. Minor repairs can also guide to an even more expensive overhead door replacement. You can certainly get rid of this by appointing one of our technicians to do a routine care of your door. We’ve the skills and knowledge needed to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance so that your door open and close as it should.

Yearly inspection and maintenance:

Though there’re diverse kinds of overhead doors & openers, they all basically do the same function. Due to this, it’s an excellent idea to have your complete garage door unit examined at least one time a year. Being a leading service provider of garage door repair in Brisbane we can offer complete upkeep for each mechanism of your overhead door.  Our yearly inspection & maintenance service include covering the following parts:

  • Stationary & set cones
  • End bearings
  • Springs
  • Door panels
  • Hinges
  • Remotes & wall panels
  • Flat bracket
  • Top roller bracket
  • Rollers
  • And much more….

 Can regular maintenance prevent fatal injuries?

 Yes absolutely! As per the report, nearly 18,000 injuries happen yearly as a consequence of defective garage door mechanisms. The 2 most typical injuries are from overhead doors falling over individuals & strained fingers in between the panels. Frayed cables and unbalanced springs contribute to falling garage doors. Timely preventative maintenance can lessen the likelihood of falling overhead doors. It also can make sure your family’s safety and also decrease damage to cars and other belongings.

We are 24×7 ready to inspect your overhead door:

If you’ve never had your overhead door checked, then this is the right time to call Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers. A proper inspection followed by timely maintenance will not just save you money but keep your family safe from any type of unexpected injuries prompted by a defective overhead door. Apart from inspection, we also provide new garage door installation, major repairs and complete door replacement.

To know more about our garage door repair and services in Brisbane, Contact us at 0424 313 713 or email

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